Job opening: Tampa Bay Rays baseball team looking to hire a Stan user!

For any Stan users interested in working in sports, here’s a great opportunity. The Tampa Bay Rays are looking to add another Stan user to their research and development team:

A few comments on the job opportunity:

  • The job ad says “Open to remote”, so it’s worth considering even if you’re not in Florida.

  • The Rays have been using Stan for years and a couple of us (Stan developers) did some work with them a few years ago and had a great experience. I highly recommend looking into this if you’re at all interested in applying your Stan skills in a sports context.

  • In my opinion, this is a chance to join one of the top R&D/analytics departments in sports. Despite always having one of the lowest payrolls for their roster and rarely being able to retain their best players, the Rays are consistently competitive (they even made the World Series last year!), which speaks highly of the R&D/analytics team that you would be joining.