Interpretation of coefficientes from brms in a survival model

Hi, I’m a doctor, not a statistician.
I am testing the brms package. Can someone explain to me the interpretation of the coefficients of a survival model?
For example, with a Weibull model.

brm(time | cens(censored) ~ sex,
data = kidney, family = weibull, inits = “0”)
Estimate= 0.99 , SE= 0.34

survreg(Surv(time, censored) ~ sex,
data = kidney, dist = “weibull”)
Estimate= -0.868, SE= 1.291

How can I get the same parameterization? How can I obtain the time ratio from brm??

Ummm was driving me crazy but I figured it out all by myself. In the formula the events are coded backwards, then I should have included 1-censored.
Sorry for the inconvenience.