Integrated LOO walkthrough

Hi there, I wrote a walkthrough on how to use integrated LOO. This was mainly to describe the process I used in a package, but I tried to generalize it to an extent so hopefully others will find it helpful: Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!


Nice walkthrough! I wrote about some related issues for multivariate ordinal models that might complement your post: Adventures in ordinal model likelihoods.


Looks great! One of the references is missing the journal information. Here’s the bib entry for it

author = {Aki Vehtari and Tommi Mononen and Ville Tolvanen and Tuomas Sivula and Ole Winther},
title = {Bayesian Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation Approximations for Gaussian Latent Variable Models},
journal = {Journal of Machine Learning Research},
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Thanks, your help on one of my earlier threads is what enabled me to get to the point of being able to write this post. I fixed the reference you mentioned.

Thanks. I’m still going through your post but it has a lot of good information. I’ve been trying loo with ordered probit models recently (pre-specified cut points thankfully), so I’ve been looking for resources like this.