Installing Stiff ODE Solvers

Hi, I’m trying to install the Pystan versions supporting CVODES.
I’m struggling with the same and would appreciate any help.

git clone --recursive
cd pystan
git checkout cvodes
pip install .

When I run the above, it fails with errors indicating 'boost/variant/recursive_variant.hpp' file not found

I have the boost supported packages installed, unsure if I’m missing a step.

conda list | grep boost

boost                     1.67.0                   py36_4  
boost-cpp                 1.67.0               h1de35cc_4  
libboost                  1.67.0               hebc422b_4  
py-boost                  1.67.0           py36h6440ff4_4  
  • Operating System: Mac OS X (10.14.6)
  • Python Version: 3.6
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I think the problem is that the current develop is at 2.22 and the cvodes is in 2.19. So the submodules are not correct when you do git checkout


git submodule update --recursive

Thanks @ahartikainen. That set me up.