Installing cmdstan - Rtools/4.6.3/bin does not exist

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I am trying to install cmdstan 2.23.0 on windows10 using Rtools. I am following the installation instructions in appendix B.3. of the cmdstan-guide. I have downloaded
the latest frozen version of Rtools - version 35.

The instructions require path “C:/Rtools/gcc-4.6.3/bin” to be added to the PATH environment. However, Rtools does not contain a folder called “gcc-4.6.3/bin”. Rtools does contain “C:\Rtools\mingw_64\share\gcc-4.9.3\python\libstdcxx\v6”. Do I need to include this pathway instead?

  • Operating System:
    Windows 10

  • CmdStan Version:

  • Compiler/Toolkit:

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Stan forums and sorry for the confusion!

@rok_cesnovar do you have any advice here?

@RABehrend in the meantime this blog post might help:

I think following the blog post you linked is the best advice.

@RABehrend I apologize, the instructions in appendix B.3. were a bit outdated.

With Rtools35 you need to add the following to your path:

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Thank you both. I will read the blog post and update the path as suggested.

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