Index parameters in parameter block?

I want to put an index on my parameters for my model but was wondering how it is possible to do this?
For my model, I want to have something like this, where parameter is the parameter that I wish to index, but itself is a simplex. So each parameter[t] is defined on a simplex.

I’ve tried this but get an error: mismatch in number dimensions declared and found in context.

Can anyone offer some help with this please?

Thank you in advance,

The complete error message tells you exactly what’s wrong. Could you post it?

The problem is with the data block which you do not show.

It’s always much much easier when we get the whole program and whole error block and also a way to generate the data.

In this case, you have a data variable named season which is declared as a single object, whereas you’re trying to initialize it with a collection of 760 values.