How to reparameterize this model, geting low E-BFMI error

This is the stan code, its for modeling a cricket simulation as described in this paper:
Modelling and simulation for one-day cricket

functions {

real D(int number,real delta_1,real delta_2){

if(number>0 && number <= 3 )

  return 0.0;

else if(number >3 && number <=6)

  return delta_1;

else if(number >6)

  return delta_1 + delta_2;

else return 0;


vector mean_mat(matrix X){

vector[7] means;

for(i in 1:7){

means[i] = mean(X[i,]);


return means;



data {

int<lower=1> N; 

int<lower =1> BatNum;

int<lower =1> BowlNum;

int BatIndex[N];

int BowlIndex[N];

int<lower=1,upper=9> l[N];

int<lower=1,upper=7> F[N];

int<lower=1> index[N];

int matchballs;


parameters {

ordered[7] alk[9];

real<lower=0> sigma;

real<lower=0> tau;

real mu_1[BatNum];

real mu_2[BowlNum];

real<lower=0,upper=1> delta_1;

real<lower=0,upper=1> delta_2;


transformed parameters{

real delta[9];

for(n in 1:9){

delta[n] = D(l[n],delta_1,delta_2);



model {


matrix[N,7] s;

delta_1 ~uniform(0,1);

delta_2 ~uniform(0,1);


sigma ~ gamma(1,1);

tau ~ gamma(1,1);

mu_1 ~ normal(0,sqrt(1/tau));

mu_2 ~ normal(0,sqrt(1/tau));

//delta_1 = uniform_rng(0,1);

//delta_2 = uniform_rng(0,1);

for(t in 1:9){

  alk[t] ~ normal(0,sqrt(1/sigma));


for(i in 1:N){

for(t in 1:7){

s[i,t] = alk[l[i],t] - mu_1[BatIndex[i]] - delta[l[i]] + mu_2[BowlIndex[i]];



F~ categorical_logit(mean_mat(s’));


please ask any questions you may have or if you need more information

Based on this:

mu_1 ~ normal(0,sqrt(1/tau));
mu_2 ~ normal(0,sqrt(1/tau));

I think your best bet is to start with some non-centerings. Check this for the how and why.

Also you can surround your code on both sides by three backticks (put ``` before and then another three after) and Discourse does a pre-formatted code block that makes it much easier to read (there’s also a button in the toolbar to the right of the quote button and to the left of upload).

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Thank you, tried running again with your non-centering approach. Also Im new here cant seem to find the edit button to put ‘’’ quotation marks

Actually I lied – the code button does indents not ticks to get preformated code, but it works either way.

Here’s a screenshot:


And this is what it renders to:

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Those are just three backticks (you can copy paste them from here ```).

You can also use tildes

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So when teaching someone to use code formatting you can write

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no need for screenshots.