How to prepare data for a multiple membership multilevel logistic model with repeated outcomes?

Hello! I am trying to fit a multiple membership multilevel logistic model, in which individuals are nested within states, and move to different states over four years. I also have repeated measures of a binary outcome. I am wondering how to prepare the data for this model? To fit a multiple membership model using brms, I know that you need to have data in a wide format, however, it seems that to fit a repeated measures model using brms you need to have the data in long format.

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean. You’ll want columns for membership classifications and the corresponding weights for each measurement occasion.

Check out example #4 from @paul.buerkner 's paper on MLMs in brms here.

For background and/or notation, check out this paper.

There is a module on multiple membership models in a free course from Bristol’s Centre for MLM; follow the link on the last page of this document to see several examples.

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