How to obtain c(mu[2],mu[1])

I want to ask how to obtain something like c(mu[2],mu[1]) in R.

 real mu[2];
 real sigma[2];

But in some parts of the model section, I want to use c(mu[2],mu[1]) and c(sigma[1],sigma[2]) like in R as argument. How can I get this? (I also need mu and sigma in the model section.)

Do you just mean a vector consisting of the second and first element of the defined parameter array?

[mu[2], mu[1]]'

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that’s what I mean. But I need a ‘real’ type instead of a ‘vector’ type :(

You mean an array of reals, like what it is now, but reversing the elements?


It works! You are so great!!! Thanks!!