How to handle case studies on website with old syntax

@SGB Many (most?) case studies hosted on the Stan website will now error with 2.33+ because they use the old array syntax. How should we address this? Ask devs and/or community members to volunteer to update them all? Ask authors to update them? Add a disclaimer at the top of the case studies page that some use old syntax? Something else?

It would be good to address this soon since 2.33 is now released.


I think we (devs/community, which I guess includes the original authors but not limited to) should update any Stan code contained in them, to keep copy-pasting possible. If they link to code in a repo instead of it being in the text, this is a bit harder, but we could open PRs to said repos.

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That sounds good to me. It will just take a bit of a coordinated effort to get this done (if we want it to happen soon) since there are a lot of case studies. Obviously anyone is free to start updating them now, but we may need @SGB to organize this (since they have ultimate authority over the website) if there isn’t a lot of movement on this soon.

Maybe create an issue which lists all case studies to keep track of progress anyway? Plus instructions for how updated cases study htmls should be submitted.

Seems like a good idea. Maybe the @SGB can organize this or ask someone else to take the lead? I’m not sure I have the bandwidth right now to track all the progress, I just happened to be the one to notice the problem and mention it. That said, I’m happy to help out.

I made an issue Update case studies to use new language syntax · Issue #189 · stan-dev/ · GitHub. We have 42 case studies.

My case study has only fabs to abs change and working on rerendering the html.


And I’ve fixed my case study. 41/42 to go.

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At least 20/42 have old syntax (based on greping html)

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Thank you Aki!!