How to express user clickstream data?

I am using RStan for a rather challenging model. It needs to incorporate clickstream data for many users. The clickstreams data itself is collected over say 16 weeks, aggregated for each week, so 16 columns. Which rstan data type should I use for this?

Also, besides the clickstream data, for each week, this is conversion data for that week, so whatever variable type is used to express the clickstream data has to be matched to this conversion data.

In higher level language, I would create a structure which combines click and conversion data, and use that as array elements, one array index for each week. Does rstan have such provisions.

Finally, once I pick the right stan data type, how do I feed the data into it using RStan?

I think the answer is row_vector[n]. Any one disagrees?

I think the answer is yes, but I’m not sure. There isn’t really enough information there.

I think you’d want data per user? Is that 16 weeks of “data” – what is “data”? A number? Some attributes?