How to easily plot the conditional effects of the hurdle part of brms model?

E.g. I have a hurdle model as follows:

fit = brm(bf(zero_inflated_dependent_variable ~ predictor, hu ~ predictor, data = data, family = hurdle_lognormal(), cores = 3, chains = 3)

I know how to plot the predictor effects of the non-hurdle part:

p = conditional_effects(fit, "predictor")
plot(p, plot = FALSE)[[1]] +

But how to easily plot such effects from the hurdle part of the model?

@ di4oi4

simply try:

p = conditional_effects(fit, effects="predictor", dpar="hu”)

then for further plotting in ggplot2:

ggplot2::ggplot(p$predictor, aes(...)) + theme_bw() + ...

Thank you a lot!