How to customize not known prior distribution

My priors are not known distribution, how should I represent them in the code?
The likelihood is y \sim N(x\beta, \{tr(v_{\lambda}^{-1})W_c\}^{-1}), and \rho=\sigma^2/\sigma_e^2.
the priors are \sigma_e^2 \sim \frac{1}{\sigma_e^{1.5}}, \rho \sim \rho^{-0.5}g(\rho), and g(\rho)=\sum_{1}^{m}(1+n_{i}\rho)^{-1}
Any insight is appreciated.

  int<lower=0>  m;  //m=27
  int<lower=0>  n;  //n=50
  vector[m]    ni;  //vector n=(n1,n2,..,n_m),size for each region
  matrix[n,2]   x;  //log(x)
  vector[n]     y;  //log(y)
  matrix[m,n]   N;
  matrix[n,n]   Q;
  matrix[n,n]   I;  //identity matrix with rank n

vector[2]                 beta;
real<lower=0>            sigma;
real<lower=0>           sigmae;
real<lower=0,upper=1>    alpha;

transformed parameters{
  real<lower=0> rho = sigma / sigmae;
  vector[m]     B2;
  vector[m]     nirho;
  matrix[n,n]   vlambda = sigmae * I + sigma * Q;
  matrix[n,n]   wj;
  matrix[n,n]   wm = inverse(vlambda) / sum(diagonal(inverse(vlambda)));
  matrix[n,n]   wc; 
 for(i in 1:m){
    B2[i] = (sigmae/(sigmae+ni[i]*sigma))*(sigmae/(sigmae+ni[i]*sigma));
    nirho[i] = 1/(1+ni[i]*rho);
wj = (N'*diag_matrix(B2)*N) / sum(diagonal(N'*diag_matrix(B2)*N));
wc = alpha*wj + (1-alpha)*wm;

  target += -1.5*log(sigmae)-0.5*log(rho)+log(sum(nirho));  //sigmae ~ sigmae^-1.5; rho ~ rho^-0.5*sum(1+ni*rho)^-1
  y ~ multi_normal(x*beta,inverse_spd(trace(vlambdainv)*wc));

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note that all a Stan program does is just comput the logarithm of posterior density given the parameters.
So all you need to do is add target += statements to increment the density by the desired priors. You seem to have done just that in the model, so it looks like the math corresponds well to the Stan model you’ve shared…

Do you need some further guidance? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Best of luck with your model!



Thanks for the solution! That is what I am looking for.