How to cite cmdstanpy?

My colleagues and I would like to cite cmdstanpy in an academic paper - can anyone point me towards the best way to do this?


@mitzimorris @ahartikainen

here’s the official party line: Stan - Citations

To cite the interface or post-processing package you used we recommend using the citation conventions for the language (R, Python, Julia, etc.) associated with the interface or package. For example, to cite RStan use the standard conventions for citing R packages.

what are the conventions for citing a Python package?

Probably something similar we have in PyStan

To cite PyStan in publications use:

Riddell, A., Hartikainen, A., & Carter, M. (2021). PyStan (3.0.0).

Thanks both, I guess I should do something this?

Stan Dev Team (2021). CmdStanPy (0.9.76).

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