How do I get github permissions as a new developer?

I’ve been following the developer process guides and I’m now ready to do a pull request for stan math. Before I do this I need to push my local bugfix branch to stan-dev/math but I don’t have push permissions. I’m guessing these are provided by the github admin but I’m not sure who this is?


You can do pull request from your fork without need to have push rights. Tell me if you need more detailed instructions. And great that you’re making the effort to contribute!


Assuming you have a github fork of the repository of interest, these are the steps I follow:

  1. Create a local branch: git checkout -b fix_issue
  2. Commit your changes to that branch with a meaningful commit message
  3. Push your branch to your github fork: git push origin --set-upstream fix_issue
  4. Go to the stan repository you forked from: you should see a message saying that you have a new branch from which you can do a pull request
  5. Actually do the pull requests by following the github link and filling in the template form with the information required

Good luck!


Okay that would be the problem. I have a local repository on my computer that I have committed to. Is there any way I can do a pull request from there or does it all need to be done via github?

You can’t do a PR from your local repository, as it wouldn’t be reachable by other people, while working on github facilitates all that.

Note that you will need a github account in any case, for example to answers to comments from other developers and so on. So assuming you have one, you need to create a fork there, which you can then synchronize with your local repository (or clone it again).

Okay great, I’ll create a fork on github then and push my changes to there. Thanks for your help!