Help Composing Two Models in Stan

I’m looking to speed up the development process for a research paper I’m working on. I have two separate Stan models working. The output from one is part of the input for the other, so I want to estimate the models jointly, but I don’t have enough experience with Stan to do this cleanly. It’s non-trivial (at least to me).

I’m offering to pay by the hour for consulting on this, with the goal of getting a working Stan model at the end.

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I cannot help with direct consultation at the moment but given the lack of responses I thought I’d mention Section 2.6 of (What's the Probabilistic Story) Modeling Glory? that demonstrates some examples that might be helpful.

Thanks, that is conceptually useful. I have been making progress on my own on this one, with many possible paths. I am still pruning those paths. Thanks for responding.

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