Hello i am new user and i need some help! (Stan & Rstan)

I declare a array X in R which has dimensions dim = c (12,80,4) and I pass it to STAN as a matrix [U, O] X [K] where K=12 , O=4 and U=80 .Also when I use it in STAN I use it as for ( i in 1:K) { X[K]*6}
I want to do this now instead of dim= c (12,80,4) being dim=c(1,80,4).
How do I pass it to R kai in the STAΝ file so that it is equivalent for dim=c(1,80,4)?

Hello, and welcome!

I find it a bit hard to follow your question. Could you perhaps post your stan code or relevant parts of it (remember to enclose code in `` on both sides, then it displays better). Then it might be easier to give you a useful answer.

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