Getting started with OpenCL and CmdStan on Windows - Visual Studio needed?

So I decided to try out the OpenCL support in CmdStan 2.28 on a Windows 10 machine. Following the instructions in the CmdStan User’s Guide, I have checked my GPU driver and downloaded the NVidia CUDA Toolkit (11.4). I do not have Visual Studio installed. The CUDA installer is giving me a warning about this:

No supported version of Visual Studio was found. Some components of the CUDA Toolkit will not work properly. Please install Visual Studio to get the full functionality.

My question is, if I am only using it with CmdStan, do I care? Can I just proceed without it? This is my first toe-dip into using the GPU.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • CmdStan Version: 2.28
  • Compiler/Toolkit: Rtools 4.0 mingw64


no, VS is required if you want to build CUDA code, which Stan does not require.

Thanks! It seems to have installed without errors.

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