Gamma tests failing on Ubuntu 18.04

Hey (maybe @sakrejda, @syclik, whoever else might know?),

Ben just upgraded the Jenkins Linux node and now I’m seeing the gamma tests fail with numerical differences that look kind of suspicious to me (like a newer compiler exposing some use of undefined behavior or memory?):

Anyone have ideas?

That does look weird. I just upgraded a box to 18 so I can check.

I think it is the g++-7 thing

I don’t recall what the “9++-7thing” is but I’ll check for solutions on Monday if nobody else gets to it.

Ah yeah, that sounds right. @sakrejda I think it was just that our tests don’t pass under g++-7 - not sure if anyone found a cause or cure yet.

It looks like they’re up to g++ 7.3. Is that what’s being tested here? We should get Stan math working on recent g++ compilers.

There are unexpected serious numerical differences then NaN differences in:

[  FAILED  ] mathMixScalFunGammaP.GoodGammaP (14 ms)

We need to get to the bottom of this. Is there an issue in the math lib for it?

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