Follow-up on Friendly Mac C++ installer does not work for me


Every time I try to install Rstan to use brms I get an error message regarding the package “cli”. I believe this has something to do with not being able to configure the C toolchain, which is why I’m trying to follow the Getting Started with RStan instructions for configuring the C Toolchain for Mac.

@lizzieinvancouver recently posted a work-around for the problem many of us are having getting the C++ installer to work on a Mac. Her work-around is for setting up Rstan whereas I’m only interested in setting up Rstan so that I can use brms. Does anyone know whether following her instructions to give up on Rstan and use CmdStanR will work for me if the end goal is to use brms?



  • Operating System: macOS Monterey

It is possible to use brms with cmdstanr, see Brms without rStan but with CmdStanR?