Feed row_vector[,] through .data.R

I have a model which requires input data row_vector[K] x[T]. There is one such row_vector[,] per data sample, and there are N data samples. So, basically I have an array[N} of array[T] of array[K]. How do I feed this using a data.R file? is it

list(list(list( , , , ,))) or
c(c(c( , , , ,)

or something else?

array(, dims = c(N, T, K))

I am not asking about declaration, but how to feed the data in a file like model.data.R. With lines like

x <- …

how do I fill in the right side, replacing the …

By naming such an array in a call to rstan::stan_rdump, which ultimately calls

        if (is.matrix(vv) || is.array(vv)) {
            l2 <- c(l2, v)
            vvdim <- dim(vv)
            cat(v, " <- \\n", file = file, sep = "")
            if (length(vv) == 0) {
                str <- paste0("structure(integer(0), ")
            else {
                str <- paste0("structure(c(", paste(as.vector(vv), 
                  collapse = ", "), "),")
            str <- gsub(addnlpat, "\\\\1\\n", str)
            cat(str, ".Dim = c(", paste(vvdim, collapse = ", "), 
                "))\\n", file = file, sep = "")

I think I was being too brief. I am following the method shown in Bernoulli example, where you enter the command

examples/bernoulli/bernoulli sample data file=examples/bernoulli/bernoulli.data.R

and the bernoulli.data.R content is
N <- 10
y <- c(0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1)

Can I use the same approach by defining x <- in an data.R file?

You could, but it is easier to use rstan::stan_rdump.

I read the stan_rdump manual. It is expecting an R object as input and will dump out the content to a file. I don’t have an R object to start with, so I am jumping thru more hoops.

Maybe if you tell me this. What is an R object that is equivalent to row_vector[K] x[T], I will create such R object, do a dump, and see what I get.

array(, dims = c(T, K))

I think its dim

T <- 60
K <- 5
b <- array(1:300, dim = c(T, K))

it works up to here. then
stan_rdump(b, file="") gets
Error in FUN(X[[i]], …) : invalid first argument

stan_rdump("b", file = "")

yeah, I just got that too. Thanks.