Fatal error with bayes_factor() in RStudio

Hey. I want to compare two models using the bayes_factor() function of the brms package in RStudio. However, each time I want to run the function, I get a fatal error. I’ve tried in on numerous days. I have already re-installed R, RStudio, the rstan package and the brms package.
I am currently working on a MacBook Air (M1, 2020, Big Sur 11.6.1 (20G224)), using RStudio (2021.09.0 Build 351).
Does anyone have any idea why I get this error?

Unfortunately, it is hard to debug the problem as is. Can you compute bayes factors for some simple model (e.g. the example on the bayes_factor.brmsfit help page)? If yes, can you share reproducible example of your problem? Also note that BFs are computed via the bridgesampling package, so you may also want to reinstall that.

Best of luck with your model!