Faintr package for evaluating brm of categorial designs

I newly started to use brms package to run Bayesian regression modelling on my data. I have followed a paper by Michael Franke und Timo Roettger (“Bayesian regression modelin (for factorial designs): A tutorial”) to interpret the output of my paper. I find this package faintr extremely useful, as I have a very complex design with three two-level factors. However, my reviewer wants to add me the trial index as an covariate variable in the model formular. This is a numeric variable and it seems that the functions of faintr package (e.g. extract_cell_draws()) can’t handle it. I get the following error message:

New names: • trialIndex_adjustedtrialIndex_adjusted...4 Error in dplyr::all_of(): ! Can’t subset columns that don’t exist. ✖ Column trialIndex_adjusted doesn’t exist. Run rlang::last_trace() to see where the error occurred.

So, it seems, the funciton extract_cell_draws() (or also compare_groups()) starts to combine the single numeric values of trial index into new column names, which is an unwanted and unreasonable behavior. May-be you can provide me some solution, how to escape that or may-be it’s a direction to develop faintr further. I can imagine, it’s useful to many people who work with factorial designs.
Thank you!