Extract sampling time for MCMC chain in rstan

Is there any way to exact the sampling time for MCMC chains in rstan? For both the total time and the time cost for each chain? Thanks.

There is rstan::get_elapsed_time() but not sure if that gives you time per chain.

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What I usually do is

time_start <- Sys.time()
nuts_fit_1 <- rstan::sampling(...)
time_end <- Sys.time()
duration_nuts1 <- time_end - time_start

# This will give you the overall time:
time_run <- rstan::get_elapsed_time(nuts_fit_1)

# This will give you the CPU time for the warmup phase and the CPU time for the post-warmup phase per chain:

# And this give you the CPU time per chain:
apply(time_run, 1, sum)
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Use print(get_elapsed_time(fit)). From this vignette, final section:

          warmup   sample
chain:1 0.036806 0.022088
chain:2 0.045345 0.032371
chain:3 0.033602 0.032454
chain:4 0.032642 0.032313
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