Examples of built in data in R

Good morning Forum,
Is there any other built in data in R apart from “influenza_england_1978_school” that one can estimate its parameters by applying the mathematical SIR model, i.e

  • \beta - the transmission rate and
  • \gamma - the recovery rate.

If there is one, I would love to know and material references would be appreciated. Thank you.

You might have better luck over at https://stackoverflow.com/ or here R: Getting Help with R list some good sources for asking R questions.

Thank you @Ara_Winter . I appreciate.

Let me look around the forum here to see what folks are using. Most are the 1978 school data and then a bunch of COVID related data.

Here you go: A Collection of Disease Outbreak Data • outbreaks

Wooow. Thank you very much @Ara_Winter . Thanks

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