Example von Bertalanffy model (and hierarchical logistic regression and linear regression)

In previous post, I asked for helped with a hierarchical von Bertalanffy growth model.

I’ve turned example into an R package, available on the USGS git repository https://code.usgs.gov/umesc/fishStan. My R package currently includes a hierarchical von Bertalanffy growth model, a hierarchical logistic regression, and a hierarchical linear regression. All three models are adapted from Section 1.13 Multivariate Hierarchical Priors in the Stan user manual (the linear regression is almost an exact copy-and-paste). I’ve also include generated quantities that calculates the curves/lines estimated by the model and the growth model also uses the estimated parameters to calculate natural mortality.

As a long term plan/hope, I would like to add helper functions and polish this package enough to get it on CRAN. Pull requests are welcome.


Thanks for sharing! Glad the user’s guide as helpful.

P.S. CRAN is less about polish and more about not breaking their rules.

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You’re welcome Bob. Stan’s user resources are amazing. That’s one reason I switched over from JAGS.

I’ve never done a CRAN release before, so I am somewhat intimidated by their rules. But, I also have my own personal standards of wanting to release a minimum level of polish before I go “live”.