Error with read_stan_csv

I’m trying to read a fit object I produced with cmdStan using the fixed parameters algorithm and I’m getting the following error:

Error in if (adapt_term_lineno == len) adaptation_info <- “” else { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

Is this an issue or is read_stan_csv not meant to work on files produced with the fixed parameters algorithm? See the attached csv file I’m trying to read.
fTwoCpt1.csv (16.6 KB)

I got it working on my local machine, so this may not be an RStan issue. I’ll try and figure out why it works on one platform and not the other.

It works with rstan 2.15.x

I’m using stan 2.14.x to keep it coupled with torsten. I haven’t updated torsten yet to 2.15.

Well, patch your rstan locally with the file from 2.15.x

Nice, thanks for the code!