Error with CAR model in BRMS


I am trying to make a heirarchical model using a spatial autocorrelation term (CAR). I have been having an issue with actually running the model. I get the errors: “Error: Row names of ‘M’ for CAR terms do not match the names of the grouping levels.” when I run the code (below). Any insight on to how to fix this would be amazing. The row names match up with the data and data2 arguments.

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dist.mat <- as.matrix(dist(cbind($Latitude,$Longitude))) 
W <- matrix(dist.mat, nrow = nrow(dist.mat), ncol = ncol(dist.mat))
W[W < 100] <- 1 #Distances over 100
W[W > 100] <- 0  #Distances under 100
rownames(W) <-$FISHNET_ID

barley.icar<-brm(mean_barle ~ Barley_Fertilizer +car(type="icar", M=W,gr = FISHNET_ID ),data =, data2 =list(W=distance),family="gaussian", warmup = 1000, iter = 5000,thin = 5,cores = 4, chains = 4, seed = 10,control = list(max_treedepth = 12))

OS: Linus

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  • brms Version: 2.16

Hi! I think that you should run$FISHNET_ID =$FISHNET_ID instead of rownames(<$FISHNET_ID since the id(s) must be one of the variables in the data, not the rownames.

Unfotunatly get the same error…

Don’t know if you ever found a solution for this, but in your model should data2 = list(W = distance) be data2 = list(W = W) (W being what you called your matrix)?