Error installing CmdStan in Centos 7

Operating System: Centos 7
Interface Version: CmdStan 2.20
Compiler/Toolkit: GNU Make 3.82, gcc 4.8.5

Hi, I’m trying to use CmdStan on my linux server but I get errors during the compilation.
It appears that the problems comes when building in Centos, I tried different configurations :

  • windows 10 machine : OK
  • Ubuntu virtual machine : OK
  • Centos 7 virtual machine : Errors
  • Centos 7 server : Errors

It appears to be a c++ error but don’t know much about it … I attached the file with the full error message. I’d be grateful for any suggestions to solve this problem. Thanks!

error.txt (189.1 KB)

Hi @mms29 ,

I believe the issue is the GCC/g++ version. It should be at least 4.9.

It was it thanks !

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