Error in running multiple chains in stan

Hi all,

I can run my model fine with one chain. However, when I run more than one chain it gives me the errors and only one chain out of all number of chains I have used gave me the output.

For one chain, I used

stan(mode_code=stan.code,, iter=1000, warmup=500, chains=1, control=list(max_treedepth=10))

Please guide me here with your valuable suggestions.

Thanks all

What are the error messages you’re receiving?

Hi Mike,

When I tried for two chains, it gave me

here are whatever error messages were returned
Stan model ‘8570051890d1e4963528a7e3d0c150c1’ does not contain samples.

and only chain 2 contains samples.

Are you sure there were no errors printed during sampling?

Hi Mike, I could run it for 4 chains, but chains are not mixed.
I am going to post a new topic for it.