Error in assigning priors in brms

I am an avid brms user but I recently updated my R, Rstudio, and packages and now I keep getting errors. The error I keep receiving says that my priors are unused:

Error in .fun(data = .x1, seed = .x2, init = .x3, priors = .x4, iter_sampling = .x5, :
unused argument (priors = .x4)

Here is how I am specifying the priors:

  prior(normal(0,100), class = Intercept),
  prior(normal(0,100), class = b))

Here is my model:

  brm(perc_cor ~ Parameter * noise + (1|Subject_ID),
      data = data_totals, 
      family = gaussian(),
      priors = priors,
      chains = 4, cores = 4, 
      backend = "cmdstanr")

When I remove the priors argument from the model, the model runs fine. I can’t figure how what I’m doing wrong in assigning the priors. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The brms argument is prior not priors (i.e., no s)


Oh, that was an easy fix!