Emacs stan-mode v10.0.0 on MELPA now

This is a public announcement of the updated stan-mode packages for emacs. Based on the solid foundation that @jrnold built, I have added several enhancements.

Here is a screencast.

This major update adds several new packages:

Two existing packages have been updated:

  • stan-mode for indentation and syntax highlighting
    • Deprecate # comments while handling #include differently
  • stan-snippets for function argument completion
    • Support | as an argument separator where appropriate

Other changes are:

  • All packages include buttercup automated testing (test-*.el files) to define and ensure their behaviors.
  • The minimum requirement for the Emacs version is 25.1.

How to install


  • Work onstanc version 3 support in flycheck-stan.

Oh wow autocomplete in emacs that’s pretty space age! Thanks for doing this!

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This is really awesome, I used to use rstudio for stan sometimes but now no need to leave emacs!