Disappearing topic?

A couple of days ago I posted a followup to an oldish thread, Windows Install without Admin Rights. I thought my activity would move the item up in the list on the forum front page, and so possibly get a response. Initially that seemed to be the case, but now the topic does not appear in the topics list (I looked at items from 2 days ago).

I did edit my post a couple of times, and I suspect that might have something to do with it. Or maybe I’m just not seeing it because the system knows I’ve already read it?

BTW, I used the existing topic because I had exactly the same issue as the original poster, and had tried some of the recommended solutions.

Anyway, if the topic has “disappeared” in the sense of not being shown among recently updated topics, if you could undisappear it that would be great. If I’m not understanding something, clarification would be great.


I don’t know how Discourse deals with ordering for different people and don’t have admin rights to fix things, but your response is still there:

Feel free to just start a new topic and link back to the old one.