Differential Geometry for more computer sciency people

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming, and Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics were both classics.

Apparently in 2013 Sussman and Wisdom followed up on SICM with a book on differential geometry https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/functional-differential-geometry

Thought some of you here would be interested to know, and by the way, open access with PDF download link on the left of the page.

I have that book and read the first four chapters. It’s good stuff, but the Lisp took a while to parse through, for me at least.

I took a physics class that used Jose and Saletans book, and that helped my understanding a lot. After carefully reading the first few chapters of that I’m kind-of able to understand Betancourt and Girolami’s papers. I also like Elementary Differential Geometry, but they don’t talk about differential forms.

@arya, try the first part of https://www.amazon.com/GAUGE-FIELDS-KNOTS-GRAVITY-Everything/dp/9810220340

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+1 to that. Baez and Munian’s book is awesome.