Did you ever want the full list of functions and distributions in Stan? Well here is how to get it

You can get all the functions this way:

clone the stan-docs repo then cd into it run the python script with the major and minor version numbers:

python3 extract_function_sigs.py 2 28

then run a bash command to extract only the unique names

cut -d ';' -f1 stan-functions-2_28.txt | uniq -u > stan_functions_list-2_28.txt

stan_functions_list-2_28.txt (6.4 KB)

The output of the python script has all the valid signatures as well. I just needed the names.


There is also a list of available signatures for all functions here: Stan supported functions and signatures

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According to Rok it just doesn’t have the variadic functions. You can also get this list with stanc3.

No no, the approach you outlined has variadic functions as well, as it parses the docs not stanc3.

Yes, I meant the approach you outlined :)