ctStanFit Printing Infinite Error

I am running ctStanFit to receive a Bayesian estimation via Stan’s NUTS sampler. An error message is infinite loop printing while doing so. This doesn’t seem to be interfering with the underlying computation as the function runs to completion. The error is seen below

sh: findstr: command not found

Can this error be eliminated? Can it be ignored? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’ve never used this before, but it looks like it’s from @Charles_Driver’s ctsem package, is that right?

Does this happen only when running Stan via that package or does it also happen if you run an example directly with RStan? For instance, if you run the example below do you see the same thing?

code <- "
parameters {
  real x; 
model {
  x ~ normal(0, 1);
fit <- stan(model_code = code) 
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Hmm yes never seen such a thing, generally such questions are better placed on the ctsem github (as discussion or issue), but the answer to Jonah’s question will be informative.

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You are correct, it is from the cstem package. The infinite error loop did not occur while running the sample code you provided. I have moved the discussion to Github here. Thank you!

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