Cran complaints on abort call in stan model binary


I am right now testing my R package with the --as-cran option under R 3.5.1 and I am seeing a new warning:

including flag(s) suppressing warnings
* checking compiled code ... WARNING
File ‘RBesT/libs/’:
  Found ‘abort’, possibly from ‘abort’ (C)
    Object: ‘stan_files/gMAP.o’

Compiled code should not call entry points which might terminate R nor
write to stdout/stderr instead of to the console, nor use Fortran I/O
nor system RNGs.

Is there a known workaround to this? Any suggestions?

(sorry, but CRAN is usually picky on these things)


@matti Had the same error and fixed it

by getting rid of a line in ~/.R/Makevars