CRAN check problems with rstan based package -- copyright, makecc, warning changes

This just in from an apparently more thorough CRAN check than usual:

Have the last released version’s additional issues:
been fixed?

Unfortunately, during a closer code inspection, we found several policy

make_cc.R, stanmodels.R:
Copyright © 2015, 2016, 2017 Trustees of Columbia University

Please list all authors and copyright holders in your Authors@R field
with appropriate roles (cph, for copy right holder).

options(warn = 3L)

Please do not change warn options for the user globally. The user may
not be aware of the change.
See the policies!

I can manually correct all these, adding to the authors line because I used rstantools seems slightly weird but I don’t particularly care, but thought I should post up as they may be more general issues…

You may like to know that OpenMx uses

Copyright 2013-2019 by the individuals mentioned in the source code history


Nice concept. Is that good enough for CRAN?

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if they would accept it, but it sailed through CRAN checks without a hiccup.

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