Convergence issue in cmdstan

Hi fellows,

I am running a few models using cmdstan. I would like to check the convergence, however non of the codes that we used before in rstan did not work here for cmdstan, such as traceplot. Also, I can noot extract the simulation results throgh the shiny package.

I am wondering if there are another source of functions that I must use in cmdstan? I found only this link from stan webpage bellow which was not much helpful:

Could you kindly advice me a better way of convergence check in cmdstan?

Kindly Regards to all

If you want to reuse your rstan based code you could convert the cmdstan object to a stanfit (rstan) one:

stanfit <- rstan::read_stan_csv(fit$output_files())

where fit is your cmdstan fit model.

This assumes you used cmdstanr (Getting started with CmdStanR • cmdstanr) to interface with cmdstan.

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