Contrasts for conditional effects

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with how to compare the effect of conditions on my DV. I have used

model ← brm(formula, data = data, family = cumulative(“cloglog”), prior = prior, iter = 5000, warmup = 2000, chains = 3, cores = 3, save_pars = save_pars(all = TRUE))
with the formula being Playdate ~ConditionCombined

The model seems to fit, I get a summary, and I also managed to look at conditional effects using condition_effects(model).

Ultimately, what I want is to see if participants respond differently to this item depending on the condition they are in. I suppose I can’t just use conditional_effects, because then the data is treated as continuous. How can I see which condition is different from each of the other conditions (i.e., the ordinal equivalent of simple contrasts)?