Compiling r packages that include precompiled Stan models


I have been developing an R package that includes some pre-compiled Stan models. The package is based on these guidelines Everything was working great and if I wanted to quickly recompile everything without recompiling Stan models I would use the code below:

options(devtools.install.args = "--no-multiarch")

devtools::install('.', local=TRUE)

About 14 days or so ago I updated devtools to the latest version and now the local=TRUE flag is not preventing compilation of stan models anymore. It does not matter whether the flag is set to TRUE or FALSE, everything recompiles from scratch. This is quite problematic as I have to wait for 10 minutes everytime I change something in the code and would like to test it. Anyone else having similar issues?


p.s. There is a typo in your guidelines (, as you have the parameter local set to FALSE for both when you want to recompile Stan models and when you do not want to.

Can you please specify the versions of both RStan and devtools you now have on the system? Are you using Windows?

I have limited experience with RStan, but I did experience recompiling issues once on Windows, when I was working out some hiccups Stan Math had on Windows, but those bugs were squashed. This could be related, idk.

Below are versions of relevant libraries. I am not using an explicit Stan Math, I am using the one that comes with RStan.

Package versions: