Compile-time errors for use of GPUs in cmdstanr

I am currently trying to parallelise cmdstanr using a GPU.

I am using this page as a reference.

I have compiled the following code

model <- cmdstan_model("*****.stan",cpp_options = list(stan_opencl = TRUE))

When I did so, I got the following error.

: cannot find -lOpenCL: No such file or directory

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

mingw32-make: *** [make/program:59: C:\Users\s6022121\AppData\Local\Temp\4\Rtmp8gVXbG\model-287434dcce6.exe] Error 1

Error: An error occured during compilation! See the message above for more information.

If you know anything about this, we would be very grateful for your advice.
Thank you very much.

I’m not sure but my guess is that OpenCL isn’t set up properly. Does the the OpenCL section in the CmdStan guide help?