Compilation never ends


I am stuck with this for a while, nothing comes to do so as to fix it!

In a project on linux, I am using pystan, stan_utility 0.1.2, gcc-9 and g++ -9.
when I call the function

stan_utility.compile_model(address, model_name=model_identifier)

It Starts compiling saying:


then produces thousands of warnings and the compilation never finishes…

Does anyone have any insights how it can be resolved or what can be the cause of the problem?

I debugged more in the stan_utility and found out that it is stuck at this line:

sm = pystan.StanModel(model_code=model_code, model_name=model_name, **kwargs)

I am wondering what are the reasons that pystan never stops while creating a model?

Pinging @ahartikainen who’s more familiar with the internals of pystan

Did the warnings contain any error lines?

It might be that gcc 9 is too new for 2.x (python 3.7?).

Thanks for the response.

No errors, just warnings.

And yes, I am using python 3.7.
So maybe the version of dependencies I am using is not compatible with each other :-?

Do you have any recommendation for another version of gcc?

Idk exactly what caused the never ending problem in the end but by the code was using jupyterlab and I copied all the code in a .py file. Then It passed the compile line of code and now I am receiving error in sampling. But it is another issue, I think I should open another thread.