Community module self-nomination

Following the instruction suggested by SGB, I have summarized my contribution so far.

  1. Stancon speaker 19, 20
  2. Initiated StanKorea
  3. Arrange study groups every semester
  4. Held three meetups
  5. Make educational contents:
  • BDA translation (published)
  • Stan instruction youtube videos (407 subscribers)
  • StanKorea Github including contents regarding meetup, youtube, and case studies
  • facebook group posting (258 members)

The motivation behind my devotion is to assist Stan users in Korea on

  1. applying Stan program to their interest
  2. understanding the underlying probabilistic programming and Bayesian theory (probability theory, Bayesian inference, Bayesian computation, modeling building, and then modeling techniques)

Advice from this two year old post was a great help, thanks to @Bob_Carpenter and @betanalpha.

I would need my membership seconded by two existing Developers; it would be my great honor if any Developers could support me through reply.

Also, if you are interested in contributing to StanKorea, especially in terms of making educational contents, please contact


I can’t provide a second (not a dev), but just wanted to say how much I appreciate your contributions to Stan!


I wholeheartedly support your nomination. Would be great to have you on board.


Your work on StanKorea has been exemplary! I support your nomination.


Thank you Hyunji, this is now official. At the end of Nov, I will be posting a list of people who are now part of the Community module through self-nomination.



Thank you @hyunji.moon for taking the leap and nominating yourself. I think this is the first nomination for the new module (and I hope not the last!). We’ve been lucky to have you in the Stan community and we’re fortunate to now have you as a Stan developer!

As part of the website redesign process we’ll be redesigning the page on the website that recognizes developers (we don’t have a definitive design yet), but in the meantime I’d like to add you to the existing page we have. I’ll reach out to you separately to get the necessary info.


@hyunji.moon I also just added you to the developers group here on discourse, sorry for the delay! I always forget there are multiple places to add people.

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