Cmdstanr under R4.3 and Rtools 4.3

I just updated R and RTools to version 4.3, since these are the forthcoming releases, but now I get an error when installing cmdstanr:

Rtools42 was not found but is required to run CmdStan with R version 4.3.0.
Please install Rtools42 and run cmdstanr::check_cmdstan_toolchain().

Is there any setting I have missed, or does cmdstanr indeed not yet work with RTools 4.3?

Can you share the output from:


This actually seemed like a fairly simple case of updating some utility functions. Can you try this github version and let me know if all gets set up and installed correctly:

EDIT: Removed command to install branch, now in main

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Thanks a lot, worked!

Great! The updates have been merged into the main repository as well, so the standard github version of cmdstanr should now be RTools43 compatible

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