Cmdstanr "argument 6 matches multiple formal arguments", only on Linux

Hi all,

Having an odd problem, that seems to be platform-specific. Maybe you can help, maybe not.

I compile the Stan model and call the sampler with the following commands:

model <- cmdstan_model(stan_file = "models/removal.stan",
                       cpp_options = list(stan_threads = TRUE))#model <- stan_model(file = "models/removal.stan")

removal_stan_data$grainsize <- 1

removal_stan_fit <- model$sample(
  data = removal_stan_data,
  chains = 4,
  parallel_chains = 4,
  refresh = 100,
  threads_per_chain = 2

On my Linux remote server, I get the following error:
Error in (function (command = NULL, args = character(), error_on_status = TRUE, :
argument 6 matches multiple formal arguments
Calls: … → model_variables → wsl_compatible_run →
Execution halted

But, I do not get this error on my Windows machine. Am I missing something in the sampling call, that is making the function call “match multiple formal arguments”?


Can you try to upgrade the processx package:


Easy peasy, that did the trick. Thank you!