CmdStanPy release 0.9.77 (penultimate beta)

We’re just released CmdStanPy 0.9.77 which has lots of new and improved features.
In addition, CmdStanPy and CmdStan are now both available from the conda-forge repository - many thanks for @WardBrian for leading this effort!

Notable changes:

  • CmdStanPy inference objects (CmdStanMCMC, CmdStanMLE, etc) can be reconstituted from CmdStan CSV files via utility method from_csv.

  • Inference results can be exported as xarray datasets via method draws_xr.

  • We have adopted a common set of accessor methods for metadata and inference data. Inference data can be accessed either as draws X columns (draws, draws_pd), or as Stan program variables (draws_xr, stan_variable).

  • Data dictionaries can be saved as CmdStan JSON inputs via utility function write_stan_json.

  • Docs have a clean new look and more better content.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort, especially Brian, @ahartikainen, and @serban-nicusor!

CmdStanPy is now 11 issues away from 1.0, hence the “penultimate”. Contributors welcome!