CmdStan & Stan 2.35 release candidate

New release candidates

Please note that this morning (May 23) we released another round of release candidates to fix several bugs found in the previous set.

These included a change to the way we initialize the new pRNG used by Stan, which means seeds have changed once again.

Additional fixes include a crash in the new wiener_lpdf functions, and a backported bugfix in the SUNDIALS library.

Additionally, Stan’s makefiles will now provide a warning if they cannot determine if the compiler being used supports the C++17 standard. Future versions may require this, so we have the warning now to determine how many users this would affect.


If you are using cmdstanpy you can install the release candidate using


With CmdStanR you can install the release candidate using

cmdstanr::install_cmdstan(version = "2.35.0-rc3", cores = 4)