Censoring for cumulative family

I tried to include censored data in a cumulative (probit) model but it is not (yet?) supported:

Error: Argument 'cens' is not supported for family 'cumulative(probit)'.

Can this functionality be included in future versions of brms? Is it even possible to have censored data in cumulative models?

Hi @GianniRewer, yes I think this is possible for cumulative models. This paper suggests using a latent variable formulation, which has been planned for v.3 of brms. It may be quite a while for it to be implemented. There may be other ways of doing this using brms infrastructure that is more developed. Usually opening an issue on Github is the best way to make a feature request like this to make sure it’s out there regardless of the implementation.

In the meantime, a strategy you could try is to generate Stan code using brms for simple models that individually include the features that you want (e.g., with/without cens and a basic cumulative(probit) model without censoring). This forum is a great place to ask questions if you run into trouble merging these two features into a single Stan model.

Interesting! Thank you for this info. I’ll try to come up with a Stan code in the meantime.