Can't make cmdstan 2.18 in Windows


Ok, this is all very exciting. Added -fexceptions to the make/local file, but not really sure if that was what sorted it out. But if it works, it works! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Overall CPU-load is around 25% (have 6 physical cores, 12 hyperthreaded). Time to start reading the manual on threading and try bigger models! Thanks for your help @ahartikainen.


I think the current Windows instructions are fundamentally flawed and will not work until threading bug in winpthread/mingw is fixed. (see my earlier message)

I think we should remove the current instructions from wiki?

Any ideas?


Sounds sensible to me. If Ubuntu is the best current solution, that would save end-users like me some time and frustrastion.


I did try with clang (mingw-w64 headers and msvc) and with mingw-w64 headers I can build CmdStan, but it fail at compiling thread_local parts.

msvc headers fail with make somehow.

It seems that “my custom python env” + pystan + clang-cl(msvc headers) is the only way to use thread_local on Windows. So I guess thread_local is not supported.

MPI will probably fail too, but Open-CL could work.

I’m thinking that Docker + easy interface would be the best option on Windows (something that could be doable in future with httpstan)